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Useful information on Hosted VoIP Providers

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Hosted VoIP providers

When a service is hosted (or in the cloud), it can be accessed at any time and anywhere. This makes it easier to deploy, manage and update. It also means the service can be made more resilient, as the service provider can have multiple servers and storage resources as back-up and switch over to them at any time.

Hosted VoIP providers have been around for a long time now – for more than 25 years, believe it or not. The most successful services are well and truly tried and tested, so you can be sure that they will deliver the kind of quality, reliability, and consistency that you’d want from a telephony service.

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What is VoIP for business?

There are many VoIP services designed purely for business use. These are often aimed specifically at small, or micro-sized businesses (up to ten users), SMBs (up to around 250 users), or larger, enterprise organisations.

While providing all the functionality that users and business owners are likely to need Services for smaller firms will be simpler and more affordable when deployed for only a few users. Hosted VoIP services for big companies will be more sophisticated and come with a wide range of features and management capabilities. Which is best for your business will depend on your scale and your specific needs.

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Why choose a hosted VoIP solution?

Hosted VoIP is the best way to go for businesses now. It’s the future. In the UK, the plan is for the entire PSTN network to be switched-off by 2025. From that point onward, all calls will be VoIP calls with the voice signal carried digitally across the Internet.

A hosted VoIP solution designed for business use will provide you with a rich array of features and functionality that can’t be matched by old analogue PBX systems. As explained below, the benefits of using VoIP are significant and far-reaching.

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Benefits of cloud phones & VoIP for businesses

The main benefits of hosted VoIP are flexibility, scalability, and manageability.


A VoIP service can be deployed anywhere – for individuals or the whole business. All users need do is log onto their account to have full access to all of their contacts, call lists and telephony features. They can do this through a dedicated VoIP handset, through their laptop or tablet, or even using their smartphone. They will always be using and always available on their usual number, whether it’s a direct dial or a ‘switchboard’ number.

You can, if it’s what you need and want, have a traditional ‘receptionist’ set-up for your VoIP service, or make use of auto attendant features to direct calls quickly and efficiently. Being able to do all this makes VoIP is ideal for remote or home workers.

Similarly, a whole business can be shifted from one location to another at any time. Or you can set-up a temporary or satellite location easily as well – useful if you do project or site work, for example. You could even have multiple numbers – even with different dialling codes – that all lead into one single system.


Scalability is another big bonus with VoIP. It is easy to spin-up new users at any time, and just as easy to remove them from the system. Your telephony can flex with your workforce, so you can always bring new people or project teams in and get them connected straight away – and when the work is done or you want to scale back, you can, which means you won’t waste money on lines you don’t need.


VoIP is really manageable as well. You can monitor and get reports on all activity – and individual, group, departmental or location level. Or by customer or region, for example. If you want to provide them with access, individual users can also see their own usage and call patterns. With this information at your fingertips, you can maximise resources and allocate costs accurately.

There are many other benefits as well – but these are the main areas in which VoIP scores over old analogue systems. But of course, you will need to decide on what is the right option for your own needs.

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The best VoIP provider for your business

We work with the very best and most established VoIP providers to provide businesses of all sizes to ensure our customers can find a service that suits their needs in terms of features, flexibility, quality and reliability, and cost.

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BT is a well-known and trusted supplier of communications services to business and, as you might expect, it has just as good a reputation for its hosted VoIP. BT’s Cloud Voice services offer a great set of features and there are options to suit organisations of all sizes. You can take our contracts for just 12 months or for as long as five years. You can even put users on different options BT Cloud Voice options, depending on the features they need.

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Gamma is also a very well-established name in business VoIP. It’s particular combination of flexibility, quality, reliability, and value is particularly appealing to smaller and mid-sized businesses. As well as a wide range of features, Horizon offers excellent options for both fixed and mobile use. You – or your managed service provide – can stay in complete control through the easy-to-use web control panel.

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Vonage’s Business Cloud offering is designed from the top-down for business use and it provides a whole range of advanced features, along with unlimited call packages to customers. It’s a very scalable service too and can be implemented cost-effectively even for a single user – but easily scale up to SMBs and medium-sized firms. Advanced features, such as auto attendant, integration with CRM software, video conferencing, and call recording capabilities are also available.


Our advice when it comes to choosing a service that’s right for your business is to prepare as much as you can by thinking about your current and your future needs. When you are looking at VoIP service options, make sure you consider carefully how important quality and reliability are for your voice services. As a general rule, it is always best to go for a provider that is proven and has a good track record. Voice, after all, is a vital business service and you’ll need to know that you can depend on your hosted VoIP supplier.

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